4 Steps to Become Debt Free FT
My Goals Update Square No Year
How to Overcome an Online Shopping Addiction SQ
7 Ways to Keep Your Winter Heating Bill Low FT

4 Steps to Become Debt Free

4 Steps to Become Debt Free FT

Debt is not forever, but in our house, debt is a very dirty four-letter word. In fact, I hope that our boys never even know that four-letter word exists. If there is one thing that I have learned on this debt-free journey, it is that dumping debt ain’t easy and without serious hustle and a solid plan in place, you will fall flat on your face. I have done that – falling flat on my face, many times on this journey. It is not fun, but it is a heck-of-a-lot easier to pick yourself back up again if

2015 Goals Update #2

My Goals Update Square No Year

The last couple of weeks have been super busy for us - from baby showers, to wedding showers, and birthday parties and the busyness is not going to let up for a few more weeks. Not to mention that we have been hit with the same nasty winter weather as pretty much everyone else and I'm about to go crazy being locked indoors with my wild boys. Blogging My blogging income for February was $1,039.72 (after expenses) which is amazing since my pageviews have fallen

How to Overcome an Online Shopping Addiction

How to Overcome an Online Shopping Addiction SQ

I have always been a frugal-minded person. Even when I was deep in financial trouble, I was still frugal, I just did not understand that a “bargain is not a bargain if you don’t need it”. However, when I became a stay-at-home-mom, I found myself not able to save money like I once had. Sure, I was still being frugal, shopping for deals and clipping coupons, but I was not actually saving any money. It was not until my hubs and I decided to get rid of our credit card debt and start our journey to

7 Ways to Keep Your Winter Heating Bill Low

7 Ways to Keep Your Winter Heating Bill Low FT

I am super excited that Sarah from Saving Money Never Goes out of Style is letting me borrow some of her blog space today! This post is all about how we keep our winter heating costs down and if you have read our One Income Budget post, you know we like to keep our costs as low as possible. Some of these ways may be a little creative and others may be some that you already know but if you are looking for ways to truly save on your winter heating costs this year, make sure you give a few of

What Does a Blogger Do? A Day in the Life of a Blogger

What Does a Blogger Do FEAT

“What does a blogger do?” “How do you make money from your blog?” “Where do find the time?” These are all questions that I have been asked since starting this whole blogging adventure. I have even wondered what those full-time bloggers did all day long. The truth is, blogging is very much so a job and a labor of love. Since so many times I have received these questions, I thought I would answer them for those that are curious. A Day in the Life of a Blogger 4:30 AM Wake Up.

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances SQ

There is nothing more satisfying than blowing off the dust and giving everything a nice new clean shine when spring cleaning. Just like now is the perfect time for cleaning out your closets, it is also a great time to clean up your finances. Cleaning up your finances will set you up for months of financial success. 1. Keep an Emergency Folder An emergency folder is a simply a folder that contains all the information that someone would need in case of an emergency. Your emergency folder

What to Give Up for Lent

What to Give Up for Lent FT

I do not usually post about my faith on here, because I believe that money affects all of us regardless of our religious beliefs. However, after posting about my rosary goal in my 2015 goals post, I started receiving many questions about my faith. I found it strange at first that so many had questions for me since I am probably the worse believer ever. When I was fifteen, I renounced God because my best friend and his father passed away in a very tragic accident. I was angry with God for taking

The 1-2-3 Approach to Managing Your Money

The 1-2-3 Approach to Managing Your Money SQ

When attempting to balance our budgets and manage our money, we tend to look for the quick fixes, the things that we can do without having to inconvenience ourselves too much. This 1-2-3 approach is definitely not a quick fix but are fixes that when implemented will help you balance your budget and become better money managers. 1. Cut Expenses Cutting your expenses is a critical first step to managing your money. When your budget is out of control, the fastest way to reign it back in is to

How to Save Money on Children’s Clothes

How to Save Money on Children's Clothing SQ

This is a fabulous guest post from Erin at It All Matters Mom. I love her family tip! Great Advice. :)  When my husband and I went to the doctor to find out if our second child would be a boy or girl, I could hardly take the anticipation. I thought for sure it was going to be a boy.  With one little girl already, I was anxious to see what a boy would look like. As the technician showed us our beautiful baby wiggling around, she gave us the news: "Looks like it's a girl!"  To be honest,

What Our 2015 One Income Family Budget Looks Like

Our 2015 One Income Budget for Family of Four SQ

I have been promising for a long time now to update my Our One Income Budget for Our Family of Four post and I am finally doing it! Now, it is important to note that several changes have occurred since last year when I originally shared that post. My hubs’ income has changed and so have our expenses. There were also a lot of mistakes to that original budget, mistakes that caused our budget to not work and fail many times. Thank God, for our Emergency Fund or things could have been really bad.