Dumping Debt Ain't Easy SQ

Dumping Debt Ain’t Easy

I am so honored to be guest posting over at Money Saving Mom! I just love Crystal and find her to be one of the most encouraging bloggers out there!  A few years ago I realized that I had allowed my family and me to sink back into the depths of credit card debt. “How […]


The Four Basic Steps to Budgeting

Free eBook – The Four Basic Steps to Budgeting

I have some exciting news to share….I published my first eBook on Amazon! I am super excited but super bummed at the same time. I wanted to make the book free (it is only 12 pages and is a blog series that I rewrote) but Amazon will not allow me to set the price to […]

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Making Your Content King - 4 Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Content.

Making Your Content King

If you have been blogging for any length of time, you have more than likely heard “content is king”. Content is very much king when it comes to blogging, after all if you do not write anything that people want to read, they are more than likely not going to stick around to see what […]

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Dumping Debt Ain't Easy SQ

Dumping Debt Ain’t Easy

I am so honored to be guest posting over at Money Saving Mom! I just love Crystal and find her to be one of the most encouraging bloggers out there!  A few years ago I realized that I had allowed my family and me to sink back into the depths of credit card debt. “How […]

5 Budget Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas SQ

5 Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

My hubs and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day like most people. When we were first dating, I was in deep financial trouble and could not afford to purchase my hubs anything for Valentine’s Day. Therefore, we started a tradition of getting creative with our Valentine’s gifts. I like to think we are keeping the […]

5 Principles to Teach Kids About Money SQ

5 Principles To Teach Kids About Money

This is a fabulous guest post by A.J. of Principles of Increase! I love that her family is debt-free and have included their children in the process of what it takes to not only be debt-free, but also in how to live a real life on a budget!  We started getting serious about paying off […]

How to Clean Your Home Naturally on a Budget SQ

How to Clean Your Home Naturally on a Budget

Two years ago, I decided to switch from using toxic cleaners to more natural ones. Making the switch was not easy nor was it easy on our budget. I could usually find our normal cleaners on sale and pairing it with coupons meant that I sometimes walked out of the store without spending a dime […]

Debt is Not Forever SQ

Debt is Not Forever – Define Your Why

Debt is not forever. Too many times, we hear “you’ll always have debt” or that carrying debt is an investment. Debt makes us think that it is impossible to live an amazing life without it. Debt makes us think that we must always have a car payment in order to have a drivable car. Debt […]

What to Do When Your Blog Costs More than it Earns SQ

What to Do When Your Blog Costs More than It Earns

This is the hardest part of blogging. The season of spending more than you make, but that is just business, you are going to have to invest in order to turn a dollar. It took me two years to monetize my blog and to actually start pulling a profit from it. When I started blogging, […]

Winter Bread Salad SQ

Winter Bread Salad

A few weeks ago, I shared on Instagram this amazing Winter Bread Salad recipe and apparently, everyone thought it looked as mouthwatering as I did! I promised my followers I would share this amazing recipe that is super delicious! I love that this is meatless, as it makes a great recipe to make on Fridays […]

7 Tips for Saving Money all Year Long SQ

7 Tips for Saving Money All Year Long

How do you save your family money all year long? Do you work the “get-free” magic by finding items online for free? Do you work the sale cycles? Or do you simply avoid shopping altogether? If you need help saving more money this year, these seven tips will help you to save money all year […]

How to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe On a Budget SQ

5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe on a Budget

One area that many of us women avoid during the “New Year, New You” craze of January is our closet, more specifically our clothes in said closet. We will organize and reorganize our closets and we may even get rid of a few pieces of clothing but we usually just add more to our wardrobes […]

Ready for the new year and a new you? I'm giving away an awesome prize pack to one lucky reader in my New Year New You Giveaway!

New Year New You Giveaway

It is the New Year and it is time for a New You. Or at least that is always our plan at the start of any new year. If you have not already sat down and made your list of S.M.A.R.T. goals for this year, do it now. The key to succeeding in this New […]

My Goals Update Square No Year

My 2015 Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe that it is 2015 already?! Seriously, where has the time gone? My mom always told me growing up that “you never see time moving until you have children”. I swear those words are so true. I swear I blinked and (bam!) my first baby is about to turn three […]

How to Set Goals & Achieve Them SQ

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Ever wonder how some people just seem to be able to make whatever they dream a reality? They always seem to know how to materialize their wildest desires. They may even be viewed as lucky; however, I believe these go-getters and dream catchers are really just fantastic goal setters. They write down a S.M.A.R.T. goal […]

The Beginner's Guide to Budgeting SQ

The Beginner’s Guide to Budgeting

It is almost the New Year, which means it is time to start making those New Year’s resolutions. Money is usually one that comes up for most households, especially if they are suffering from a financial hangover after the holidays. Maybe setting financial goals, building a budget that works for you or just figuring out […]

3 Things to Do With Gift Returns SQ

3 Things to Do with Gift Returns

Have you ever been to Walmart the day after Christmas? It is even more insane than Black Friday! The amount of people waiting in line to return unwanted items makes me a tad sad – why do we spend so much money on useless junk that is just going to be returned when we can […]

How Should Your Christmas Look SQ

How Should Your Christmas Look?

Believe it or not, today, Christmas Eve is more special to me than Christmas Day. I have always enjoyed the anticipation and magic of Christmas and never want it to be over. Growing up, my family had a Christmas Eve tradition of going out to eat and arriving home to find that Santa had come […]

How to Sell Your Stuff Online Like a Pro SQ

How to Sell Your Stuff Online Like a Pro

One of the many ways that I was able to pull myself out of financial trouble all those years ago was by selling my items online that I no longer needed or used. It was a great way to build up a positive cash flow since I was struggling to afford basic essentials like groceries. […]

10 Money Saving Tips SQ

10 Money Saving Tips

You have saved and scrimped. You have worked and reworked your budget over and over again. Yet, you are still finding yourself coming up short every month or in need of extra cash to apply to your debt payoff plan. Figuring out where you can save can sometimes be a challenge, but these ten money […]

4 Ways for SAHMs to Make Money SQ

4 Ways for SAHMs to Make Money

I love staying home with my kids; it is want I have always wanted. However, shortly after becoming a stay-at-home mom I found myself missing work. I wanted to do something to make extra money. After reading The Total Money Makeover * by Dave Ramsey, my hubs and I agreed to a “get-out-of-debt-fast” plan. We […]

Get Rid of The Joneses Once and for All SQ

Get Rid of the Joneses Once and for All

This post is written as part of Ruth Soukup’s Secret 13 Blog Tour, which I am excited to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers. To learn more about the blog tour and to join us, click HERE. To find out more about the Secret 13 Essay Contest and your chance to […]

How to Stress Less by Saying No SQ

How to Stress Less by Saying “No”

Learning to say “no” can be difficult. As women, we hate having to tell someone that we cannot help them. We are natural born people pleasers and as such, saying “no” seems wrong and counterintuitive. Therefore, for most us gals, we end up stressed, unhappy, and just flat-out exhausted from all the different yeses we […]

Is Your Lifestyle Making You Broke SQ

Is Your Lifestyle Making You Broke?

I know I promised this post in video format, however life took over and that just did not happen. I am so sorry and I hope you will not be disappointed! A few months ago, I surveyed my readers to find out how much money is enough. The response to my survey, proved what countless […]

Chicken, Rice, and Broccoli Casserole

The Easiest, Most Delicious Casserole You’ll Ever Make

As a mom to two little wild, rambunctious little boys, ages two and under, I have to get dinner on the table quick. My youngest, Collin, will pull everything out of the cabinets while his older brother, Conner attempts to climb inside the TV to join “Lightin’ McKeen” in a race. Dinnertime can be pretty […]

Getting Through a Season of Spending SQ

Getting Through a Season of Spending

One of the hardest parts of the holiday season is the insane amount of spending. We are either spending money on gifts, holiday meals, travel, tithing, new experiences, higher heating costs, decorations, and the list goes on. In our yearly budget checkups, my hubs and I have determined that starting in October we spend more […]

Ways to Give Without Spending Money SQ

Ways to Give Without Spending Money

I have to be honest; I am a terrible giver, like the worse of the worst. I horde money and have an issue freely giving any of it away because well, once upon a time I was broke and had no money to give. That struggle has stuck with me for so long that I […]

My 2014 Goals Update

2014 Goals Update #11

Since, this little blog has grown exceptionally in the last couple of months, there is a huge chance that this may be the first goals update post that you have read. This is where I hold myself accountable to my blogging, financial, and personal goals and it is where I share my reading list. I […]

11 Things Money Can't Buy SQ

11 Things Money Can’t Buy

This week marks the start of the busiest shopping seasons of the year with days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Okay, technically that one is next week…). However, we often forget about the things that money cannot buy us during this beautiful and wonderful season of giving. I know that I usually end up […]

5 Tips for Showing Up for Yourself SQ

5 Tips for Showing Up For Yourself Every Day

“How do you do have time for this”? “How do you do it all”? “You are super woman”. These are all questions and statements that I have heard and have been emailed to me over the last couple of months. Truthfully, I wish I did it all and I wish I had the kind of […]

Preparing now, will ensure that you avoid the dreaded financial hangover come January. These four strategies will make avoiding a financial hangover easier.

How to Avoid a Financial Hangover

High spending, gift giving, moment sharing, Christmas caroling, and great food in the company of those you love characterize November and December. January, in comparison is characterized not just as a month of new beginnings but also as a month struggling to figure out how you are going to recover from the financial partying of […]

Hunting used to cost my family more money than save it. We are finally saving money with hunting and benefiting our family with a fully-stocked freezer.

How Hunting Saves Us Money

It is no secret; I am a hunter’s wife. I never in a million years thought I would be married to a hunter. My Daddy is not a hunter and neither is my brother (well, he is Marine, so it is kind of the same thing…). I was not raised around hunting, expect for the […]

How I More Than Doubled My Pagviews SQ

How I More Than Doubled My Pageviews

I have been at this blogging thing for a little over two years now and although, I am nowhere near, where I want to be, I have finally started gaining some traction. I finally managed to more than double my pagviews and they just keep going up. <insert happy dance> In my Why I Waited […]