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Behind every successful entrepreneur, is an accountability group. A mastermind group is key to success when it comes to business and if you’re a blogger, you’ve more than likely have already heard how having a mastermind group can greatly improve your chances of success.

That’s why I designed this guide – to come alongside you on your 12-week journey with your mastermind group. This guide has space for your own personal goals, success strategy, and project planning along with a place to keep up with your mastermind guidelines and the different members of your mastermind.

Are you ready to master your mastermind and achieve success? If so, make your strategy and work with your group to make success possible.  

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It’s no secret around here that the key to my success with my blog has been a direct result to the mastermind groups that I’ve been a part. I’m no guru when it comes to mastermind groups but through my trials and errors with them, I’ve come to realize that there are a few things that make up a successful mastermind group. 

  • Accountability
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Regular Communication
  • Regular Participation

The truth is, it’s very hard to make those things happen within a mastermind group without a place to store your most pertinent information. And that’s what this guide – a place to track your weekly goals, your projects, your personal success strategy and the inner workings of your particular mastermind group. 

No group is created equal so I made sure to leave room in this guide for you to write out explicitly what your mastermind group expects. 

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Don’t have a mastermind group?

Here are a few places that you can try to find one:

  • Facebook Groups – There are several blogging-related groups on Facebook that you can join if you’re not already a part of them. Post in the group that you are looking to form a mastermind group of about 4-5 members for 12 weeks starting on “XYZ” date and if they’re interested in learning more about the mastermind group, have them leave a comment with their email address.
  • Network – As a blogger, I’m sure you’ve networked with several other bloggers before whether that was on a collaborative project or even just guest posting. Email those that you’ve already networked with and ask them if they’d be interested in forming a mastermind group with you.
  • Conferences – Conferences are an amazing place to meet new bloggers and to network but you can also find your next mastermind group there! Ask those that you “click” with while you’re there if they would be interested in forming a mastermind group after the conference is over.
  • Ask Your Readers – It never hurts to send out an email to your most loyal readers, those that subscribe to your email list, asking if they’d like to join a mastermind group with you in order to build up their businesses.

Things to look for in the “perfect” member:

  1. What level of business and personal ambition are you looking for?
  2. What types of commitments do you want to see in them? Personal growth? Health?
  3. What character traits would you like (sense of humor, honesty, integrity, communication)?
  4. Are they someone that you respect and want to learn from?
  5. Are you inspired by this person?
  6. Do they have any skills or qualities that you want to develop for yourself?
  7. Do you like this individual as a person?
  8. Would you be friends with them?
  9. What are their interests?

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Why most MMG’s fail…

1. Members are not committed. If you’ve ever been a part of a “dud” MMG before, you know how much of a struggle this one is. Make sure that when the ground rules are created for your MMG that you list an exit strategy to avoid having to keep non-committed members in the group.

2. The group facilitator does not perform the job well. If this happens, there needs to be an emergency meeting called where everything goes through discussing their concerns for how the group meetings are being handled and how things need to change.

3. The mastermind group is too large. This happened to me in one of the groups that I was in. The group was way too large and the amazing Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income was even kind enough to point it out to us that we need to break down our 10 member group. It caused a lot of issues us being that large like having too many “alphas” in the group and not much getting accomplished. 3-5 is the ideal number of members for a productive MMG.

4. There’s no plan in place for consistent communication. If this happens then the group will struggle to keep up with holding each other accountable and giving solid feedback – the whole point to a MMG. Make sure to decide before hand how the group will meet up (via phone, Google Hangout, in person, etc.) and how regular communication will be handled (via FB group, Slack team, Email, or something else).

5. Too much lecturing. If the group facilitator or another member of the group is consistently treating the meetings like a time for lecturing then it makes creating synergy among the group difficult. Make sure you have it clearly stated that there’s no lecturing allowed – only discussion on topics.

6. No structure. The group hasn’t decided on the purpose of the group and the structure of the meetings, so everyone flounders. This is why it’s so important to decide BEFORE the group starts what the purpose of the group is.

7. Members fail to hold each other accountable. Remember you’re not there to be each other friends (that’s a bonus of the group) you’re there to be each other’s drill sergeants.

8. The group doesn’t meet often enough. Make sure you decide on a regular meeting time for the group in order to make sure that accountability and feedback are happening often. You don’t want the momentum to get lost.

9. Having an “odd man out”. I’m a firm believer that you need to be the “dumb” one in the group so you can be mentored by others but you should have your own level of expertise that allows you help other members. You don’t want to have three all-stars and then a nobody in the group because then the nobody immediately because the odd man out. You should all have a certain level of expertise in different areas so you can all learn from one another.

10. The group members don’t feel safe in the group environment. You have to make sure that the group has a certain level of respect in the atmosphere. If it doesn’t then people won’t be willing to sit in the “hot seat” and won’t open up during discussions. You need a safe and honest atmosphere to generate amazing change among the members.

Need a few topic ideas?

  • Have everyone read the same book and then plan to discuss it during one of your meetings.

Some great books to start with:

  • Create a list of topics that everyone in the group is interested in learning more about.

Some topics ideas: 

      • How to write an eBook. (Here’s a great book on writing on a book in just 6 weeks!) 
      • How to work with a VA (or other hired help). 
      • How to build up a social media following. 
      • Have a feedback session where everyone takes turn going through each other’s sites and then reports things that could be changed to make it more user-friendly. 
      • How to curate better content. 
      • How to host a webinar.
      • How to be more productive even with little kids at home.
      • How to [insert your area of specialty here].
  • Have a planning session! Have everyone create their upcoming year’s business goals and then discuss. (I did this with one of my MMGs and it was so helpful in getting my mind clear on so many different things!)


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