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Money has a way of controlling us. I know many years ago, when I was deep in debt and struggling to breathe financially, money was definitely my master. It took me years to fully regain control over my financial life, but the lessons I learned through that process are what I strive to share with others daily here on my personal finance blog where I literally share all the details of my family’s real life on a budget.

Those lessons learned are what inspired this course – I wanted to help others develop their Real Life Money Plan because I know how much of challenge it can be whenever you’re in the darkness of financial hell. I get messages from readers everyday who don’t know where to start on their financial journey or how to do it. In this course I take you step by step through the process of creating your own personal Real Life Money Plan.

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I know it can be scary to make the leap. I’ve heard many of the excuses (and had some of my own) for not taking control of my finances.

Objection #1: You need debt.

My family is living proof that no, you don’t need debt. We don’t have a single credit card and paid off just over $50,000 of debt in two years.

Objection #2: You need to make more money.

Yes, having more money is a blessing and can very much be needed, BUT if you keep waiting until you “make more money” to start managing your money, it won’t matter how much money you make because you’ll never have enough it. It will continue to control you.

Objection #3: Budgets are for poor people.

Wrong. Budgets are for everyone. I mean, would you want to work for a business that didn’t have a budget? Probably not. Because heck, they wouldn’t know if they’d be able to pay you or not. A budget simply keeps your money from controlling you.

Objection #4: I can’t own a decent car without a car loan.

Wrong again. YES, you can own a decent car without a car loan. It takes self-discipline to save up enough cash to pay for a car, but honestly, not having to make a $400 car payment every month is so worth it.

You can do this! It will take a lot of work and there may be times you might want to quit! But keeping your goals in mind, where would you like to be in your finances? I will provide you with every step you need to get there.



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